guest Speaks

Fantastic property and Splendid Amboli

This place is undoubtedly the best when it comes to exploring Amboli. Nestled in the lap of nature, the hospitality offered by Hemant and his team is unmatched.. If you want to feel close to nature, look no further.. Highly recommended.Rudraksha Chodankar

Personal attention by the owner Mr.Hemant ogale who is an expert in local ecosystem

The rooms are limited but expansive. All the rooms give a feeling of seclusion in nature. Nature is all around and within the property. The staff take good care of the guests. The owner is knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the area.” – Shantanu Dey

My Go to place in Amboli

I am positive that there is no other place as good as this in Amboli. Very clean rooms and hosted by a lovely family, this is an ideal place to stay. Also the fact that the owner, Mr. Hemant himself is a wildlife lover, with his wealth of knowledge, you will only benefit if you…Sachin Rai


A must visit place to detox yourself

An extremely calm and quiet place..With 110% pure oxygen..No noise pollution..Well kept rooms …full of natural sunlight…Detoxes ur body and soul …Makes u feel peaceful from within…Lovely breakfast made by the landlady herself…Mr and Mrs ogale sounded very creative and innovative and resourcefulMadhavi Rahi

Whistling Woods – Hidden gem

Amboli was a break journey on my way to Goa. We booked directly with the owner. We reached the property after a long journey and the porperty was beyond our expectation. The wooden cottages are nestled between beautiful greenery and blooming flowers. There are a very few cottages and this is the best part as it has not been commercialized. Each individual cottage is beautifully designed to blend in with the surroundings. The hammocks are a treat. The key here is simplicity. The staff was simple folks always ready with prompt service. The owner is an avid photographer and we were mesmerized by the collection of his photographs of rare beautiful butterflies. They made you feel at home every step of the way. This is now in my list of must visit places for this monsoon. If you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated in a green surroundings and serene environment this is the place for you P. Bhattacharya