tips / notes

Weather information

A year is divided into three seasons; cold weather (November to February) with temperatures dropping down to 09 °C (48 °F), hot weather (March to May); the temperature goes up to a maximum of 30 °C (86 °F), South West monsoon (June to September) . The average rainfall is 7,500 millimetres (300 in) per year.

Light woollen cloths in winter & monsoon and cotton cloths in summer will be comfortable. Torch and pair of walking shoes are recommended.


* We do not serve alcohol. 

* We do not allow pets.

* We are situated very close to the Jungle thus live in abundant, rich and healthy eco-system . So you may encounter snakes or other insects(mosquito etc).
Refrain from making loud noises or playing music at a high volume. Avoid ” firecrackers “.

*Treat the Natural environment and surroundings with utmost respect because you are a guest at her home and not the other way around.

* No loud music-respect nature’s rhythm.

* Guests are requested to carry Photo ID proof.

* Please follow Covid-19 protocols – It is recommended to wear mask and maintain physical distancing .